Spiritual Support Sessions

At Rites of Passage, we provide one-on-one confidential spiritual support for clients going through life transitions, big or small. With 20 years of experience, Kristabeth is skilled at approaching your situation without judgment or answers but with a willingness to be fully present to you and your life circumstances.

Kristabeth will meet you where you are on your spiritual journey and support you as you discern where your unique journey will lead. Whether you consider yourself very spiritual (or even religious), have been hurt by religion, or are more comfortable with a secular worldview, she can help you address the ‘big’ questions that often arise during life transitions.

Our Spiritual Support package includes a commitment to four 45-minute sessions either in person or through video-chat. Pricing is accessible and a sliding scale is available.

E-mail us today to find out more or schedule a free 25-minute introductory phone call.


“As a Spiritual Mentor, I help people find their own answers to life’s big questions. It is natural for questions of purpose and meaning to arise during times of transition. If asked, I may offer examples or illustrations from the world’s spiritual traditions or my own life, but it’s not my mission to tell people what to believe. I help people explore the questions and gain a greater understanding of how they understand their place in the world.”

~Kristabeth Atwood, Founder, Rites of Passage, LLC

What is Spiritual Support?

Spirituality, most basically, is the search for wholeness, meaning, and purpose in life. It is a broad concept with room for many perspectives and means something different to everyone.

Spiritual support is a practice of presence with a vision of helping you acknowledge your intrinsic worth and face life with courage, grace and resilience. Different models of spiritual support can be found in all cultures and traditions throughout history. The commonalities among these different traditions include:

  • being in the moment with whatever questions or emotions arise
  • not being focused on change, cure, or fixing
  • being open to a connection with something greater than ourselves (whatever that may mean to you)

Spiritual support is not professional counseling and does not address mental health or behavioral change issues. Spiritual support does grapple with questions, such as:

  • How do I make sense of changes in my life?
  • What gives me comfort and hope?
  • Where do I find meaning?
  • What is the purpose of my life?

Life transitions that may lead one to seek spiritual support include (but are not limited to):

  • Marriage
  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce or loss of a significant relationship
  • Pregnancy loss
  • Loss of a job or retirement
  • Moving to a new community
  • Military deployment or homecoming
  • Birth or adoption
  • Graduation
  • Medical procedure or diagnosis

E-mail us today to find out more or schedule a free 25-minute introductory phone call.

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“When I rise up/
let me rise up joyful/like a bird.

 When I fall/let me fall without regret
/like a leaf.”

~ Wendell Berry