Online Gatherings

At Rites of Passage, we offer online gatherings to help you explore the transformative power of change in a supportive group setting. Kristabeth holds gatherings two Wednesdays each month at 6pm (ET) exploring the big questions of life and death.

Registration is free with contributions accepted to support the mission of Rites of Passage.

All gatherings meet on Zoom. Kristabeth brings her 20 years of experience in small group leadership, spiritual companionship, ritual design, and community empowerment to these offerings.

Additionally, Kristabeth occasionally offers special events and collaborations. When scheduled, information about these stand-alone events will be posted below.

Living with Loss: A Gathering for the Grieving

Living with Loss is a gathering for those experiencing loss.

Living with Loss is an opportunity for those who are grieving to find connection through community sharing, meditation, and ritual. While recognizing the universality of loss, we honor the uniqueness of each participant’s experience as we explore how to grow, heal, and be transformed through it.

All are welcome to Living with Loss – including the recently bereaved and those whose loss was longer ago, but still present.

Register for an Upcoming Living with Loss:

Wednesday, June 21 2023 at 6pm (ET): Register

Wednesday, August 2 2023 at 6pm (ET): Register

Facing Change: Life’s Transitions and Transformations

Facing Change is a gathering for those going through life transitions.

“Life is about change. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it’s beautiful. But most of the time, it’s both.” —Lana Lang (Fictional Character from Smallville)

Getting married. Losing a job. Moving. Ending a relationship. Having a baby. Losing a loved one. Going back to school. Becoming ill… There are so many forms change can take.

At Facing Change, we offer support and care for each other, share tools for navigating life’s changes, practice meditation and ritual, and grow in our ability to approach change with curiosity rather than anxiety.

Register for an Upcoming Facing Change:

Wednesday, May 17 2023 at 6pm (ET): Register

Wednesday, July 19 2023 at 6pm (ET): Register

Wednesday, August 16 2023 at 6pm (ET): Register

Open Memorial: Remembering in Community

Open Memorial is an occasional offering. Join this virtual space to come together in remembrance. Whether your loss was recent, or a long time ago, you have a place here.

Remembering our loved ones with ritual and ceremony is a human rite of passage that predates modern society. Honoring our dead in this way connects us to our ancestors and reminds us we are not alone.

At Open Memorial, we share together in music, poetry, and ritual. Each attendee has a chance to share (if they wish) about the loved one they are remembering. This is not a religious memorial. People of all spiritual and secular worldviews are welcome.

Some may choose to attend this memorial to honor the recent death of a loved one or to remember the birthday or death anniversary of a loved one who has been gone for some time. Others may choose to come to connect with others who also experience grief. All are welcome.

Register for an Upcoming Open Memorial:

Wednesday, September 13 2023 at 4pm (ET): Registration Coming Soon