Kristabeth Eleanor Atwood, M. Div.

Ritual Designer, Community Officiant, and Spiritual Caregiver

Founder of Rites of Passage, LLC


I believe the transitions of our lives provide rich opportunities for growth, healing, and transformation. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve witnessed it in the people I’ve worked with over the past 20 years. Yet, often we avoid transition, or just grit our teeth to get through because change is hard.

That’s why, in my work as a Ritual Designer and Officiant and Spiritual Caregiver, I walk with people through the transitions in their lives.

I was twelve years old when I first recognized a desire within myself to walk with others through the joys and sorrows of their lives. As a youth and young adult, I innately recognized the need to honor and commemorate the transitions we inevitably face. The first funeral I officiated was for my pet rabbit who was laid to rest behind my childhood home.

During 18 years as a faith leader, I witnessed the transformative power of ritual. As I officiated funerals, weddings, baptisms, house blessings, and countless other ceremonies, I was continually awed by the healing power of ritual to honor the past, celebrate the present, and point us toward the future. In my own life, I’ve lived the joys and challenges of divorce, marriage, relocation, career changes, healing from sexual assault, and losing loved ones. Through each of these transitions, I experienced transformation and growth.

Through Rites of Passage, I help people through the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of change by:

  • providing inclusive spiritual care for all life’s seasons,
  • offering tools for facing life’s changes, and
  • designing and officiating personalized rituals to mark life’s transitions

I believe the power of ritual transcends religious context. My passion is designing unique, personalized rituals for people of all worldviews and cultural, secular, and spiritual perspectives. As a ritual designer, community officiant, and spiritual caregiver, I feel privileged to help others honor and mark the meaningful moments that encompass all the seasons of life – from birth to death.

We all face changes throughout life, from the joys of births and weddings, to the sorrows of death, illness, and divorce, to grappling with relocation, family struggles, identify issues, job changes, and loss. There is so much we can learn from these life transitions. I help people pause, reflect, acknowledge, and embrace the transformative power of change so they can move into the next phase of life with hope.

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E-mail me or schedule a free 25-minute introductory phone call. I look forward to talking with you about how ritual can transform your life.

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~ Kristabeth

“When I rise up/
let me rise up joyful/like a bird.

 When I fall/let me fall without regret
/like a leaf.”

~ Wendell Berry