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Kristabeth Atwood,

A Pastor for People Who Don’t Do Church

20 Years of Experience in Spiritual Companionship, Ceremony Design, and Officiating

Serving Vermont and Surrounding Communities

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Rites of Passage, LLC

Green Acres Drive, Burlington, Vermont


The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus

Throughout human history, people developed ceremonies and rituals to mark the most profound of life’s changes, including birth, the transition to adulthood, marriage, and death. These rites of passage are essential markers for the individual and the community.

Today, many of these markers have been lost. Those that remain are largely held by faith communities and religious institutions. Yet, the need to acknowledge life’s changes remain – for everyone.

Whether it is the joy of a new baby, the excitement of a marriage, or the sorrow of a divorce or death, change requires individuals and communities to let go of one stage of life and turn toward the next.

Kristabeth Atwood, founder of Rites of Passage, brings the heart of a pastor to your unique rite of passage. Whether you identify as religious, interfaith, secular, or spiritual-but-not-religious, Kristabeth will help you mark your life transition and walk with you as you grow, heal, and transform through life’s changes.

There is much we can learn from life transitions if we are willing to pause, reflect, acknowledge, and embrace the transformative power of change.

Let’s travel the journey of change together!

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“When I rise up/
let me rise up joyful/like a bird.

 When I fall/let me fall without regret
/like a leaf.”

~ Wendell Berry


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