Pet Blessings and Memorials

At Rites of Passage, we know what a blessing pets are to our lives. Our pets generously share their lives with us, giving us comfort and laughter and teaching us about love. (Above photo of our two beloved German Shepherds – Niles and Bady.)

Pet Blessings

Pet blessings are a fun way to celebrate your pet’s presence in your life. Often pet-parents choose to have a blessing when a new pet is welcomed into the family, but pet blessings can be done at any time. At Rites of Passage, we have celebrated blessings for:

  • new pets,
  • ill pets,
  • pets going through training programs,
  • pets who have helped their ‘parents’ through tough times, and
  • community gatherings of pets.

We think you will find a unique personalized pet blessing to be a fun and poignant way to honor the special place your pet holds in your life and your heart.

Pet Memorials

“Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”  ~Sydney Jeanne Seward


The sad truth is that our pets’ lives are too short. As an animal lover, you may welcome and say good-bye to many pets over the years, but each one will always hold a special place in your heart. At Rites of Passage, we understand how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet.

We work with you to design a personalized pet memorial to help you honor the life of your pet in a way that is meaningful to you. The loss of a pet is a significant life change that needs to be acknowledged and marked. We help you say good-bye and support you through your time of loss.

Our Pet Blessing and Memorial Packages range from $125-$275 depending on the details of the ceremony.

E-mail us for more information. You can also schedule a free 30-minute exploratory call.

“When I rise up/let me rise up joyful/like a bird. When I fall/let me fall without regret/like a leaf.”

~ Wendell Berry

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