What is a Blessing?


It’s common, in our culture, to hear someone say, “This is such a blessing” or to tag a social media post #blessed. Here at Rites of Passage, LLC, we offer a variety of blessings as part of our Life Transition Rituals.  House Blessings, Pregnancy Blessings, Baby Blessings, and Pet Blessings all honor the joy of a new chapter in life. Last fall, I had the honor of participating in a Preschool blessing for a boy starting his journey of schooling. The blessing was for him as he started school and his parents as they embarked on this new chapter in life, sending their first-born out into the world.

Some people have asked, though, why they would want a blessing ritual if they are not religiously minded. It is true that one of the most common definitions of blessing is “asking God’s favor.” In religious blessings, we ask God to look kindly on the person, object, or situation being blessed. Blessing, though, doesn’t have to be religious in nature. I believe that a blessing is the setting of positive intention, kind regard, and gratitude. When we bless a pregnancy, for example, we honor the unique moment in the life of a family, we set intention to treat this as a special time worthy of attention, and we ask for positive regard (whether that is understood as coming from God or Source, the universe, nature, the collective human consciousness, etc.) to fill the days ahead.

As an animal lover, I particularly enjoy Pet Blessings. Joining with an individual or family who has just adopted a furry friend is so much fun. It is a time filled with laughter and anticipation. In Pet Blessings, I help my clients express gratitude for this furry creature, set intention for positive days of fun and companionship ahead, and honor the investment of time and energy it will take to train and assimilate this new species into family life. Finally, I lead the family in asking for care and protection for their new furry family member, whether they understand that as coming from God, the natural cycles, or the gathered community.

Blessing is such a positive act and is accessible to anyone. Blessings someone or something is saying, “I care about you. I am excited to have you in my life. I want the best for you. I will work to bring about positive things for you. I am grateful for you.” This is true for a pregnancy blessing, a baby blessing, a pet blessing, a house blessing, or any being or thing you want to bless. Houseplants can be blessed. Motorcycles can be blessed.

If you would like to talk more about blessing, please be in touch! I create personalized rituals unique to my client’s circumstances. I would love to talk about creating a blessing ritual for you. Contact me today!