Support Groups and Workshops

At Rites of Passage, we offer a variety of support groups and classes online and in person. We believe that life’s transitions are opportunities for growth, healing and transformation. Through our support groups and classes, we empower people going through life transitions, assist people in planning for life’s changes, and share the transformative power of change.

Living in the Covid-19 era is challenging. We are experiencing unprecedented amounts of stress and anxiety, yet one of the ways we deal with stress (connecting with other people) is largely unavailable, at least in traditional ways. Participants in our support groups and classes will be given opportunities for connection, strategies for nurturing resilience, and tools for coping during this unusual time. Registration costs are minimal to cover hosting and facilitation. Kristabeth brings her 20 years of experience in small group leadership, spiritual support, ritual design, and community empowerment to these offerings.

Ongoing Offerings:

Facing Change: Life’s Transitions and Transformations

Grief Gathering: Community, Connection, and Ritual

Find Hope: Healing from Trauma

Seasons of Life: Monthly Support Group for Women

Exploring Spirituality

Dine and Discuss / Lunch and Learn Series

Virtual Pop-Up Office Hours

Visit our Ongoing Offerings page for more information and to register.

Special Events:

Resolutions for Resilience

Celebrate Love! Valentine’s Rituals

Motherless Mother’s Day Remembrance

Fatherless Father’s Day Remembrance

Navigating Family Gatherings

Blue Holiday Gathering

….and more

Visit our Special Events page to see our upcoming events.

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