Spiritual Care


There are a couple different ways to understand spirituality. Many people associate spirituality with religion or religious belief. Another way to understand spirituality is as the natural, human search for meaning and purpose. This can relate to religious belief but is not exclusive to it.  I see spirituality as the universal human drive to make sense of our life and our world. Some people may find meaning in their understanding of God, while others may find meaning in nature or humanity or community. Regardless, I believe we all have a need to look deeper and seek understanding, leading us to question the meaning of life and our purpose in the world. These questions can arise at any time in our lives but are more prone to surface in times of transition.

We recently decided to add Spiritual Care to the services we provide at Rites of Passage, LLC. It seems to me that spiritual care is a natural accompaniment to our work supporting people through life transitions. Ritual is one healthy way to face a life change, but the transition may not be over once the ritual is complete. Spiritual care provides space where lingering questions, fear, or doubts can be expressed. You can read more about our approach to spiritual care on our Spiritual Care page.

The goal of spiritual care is not to provide answers, but to be open to the questions. I can’t tell you what your life purpose is or where to find meaning in the world. Exploring those questions is your own, unique journey. What I can do is accompany you on the journey and hold a safe space where those questions can be explored.